Hi, I’m Sereza and I’m very excited you’re here! Let me tell a little about myself and my music. I like to call myself an artistic electro-pop singer/songwriter/performer and fashion designer.  Some of the artists that sparked my interest in music include Madonna, Jennifer Lopez, Bjork and more currently Lana Del Rey. I’m currently finishing up my debut album and my first music video which I’m super excited about.

Thank you so much for taking your time to get to know me and my music and I hope that I get the chance to perform for you in the near future. Let’s keep in touch and chao for now!

Sereza also nourishes her creativity by designing all her own performance wardrobe and has also found a love for painting her visionary art.

Sereza is currently finalizing her first full-length album to be released this yearl - "I'm crazy excited about finally releasing these songs for you guys.  We've been working day and night to get them sounding just right - so now you better dance!:)"